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I represent the polish association and I am also the founder of this organization, which is leading in Poland. We don’t only care about events and stuff, but we care about the sports, about the athletes and also about discipline. I also have my own gym, but I work a lot more for the community at the moment.

What makes calisthenics such a great sport

Before I started I had a lot of freetime and spent a lot of time outside on my bicycle or with running. I found a place with a bar and started doing pushups and pullups. It was some kind of way to spend my free time. Eventually I got to know a lot more about calisthenics and I moved forward in the sport. Even now I’m still learning, not about the exercises, but about myself and my body. I can set limits, move forward and do everything that I want. Still I know I have to keep practising a lot.

How accessible is calisthenics

It’s for younger people, but also for the elderly, so really for all ages.

Calisthenics talent in Poland

We have a lot of young people which are very talented. I don’t think we have enough possiblities to develop in Poland yet. We are working on new places for working out outside and try to help as much as we can. If a gym wants to create new classes or workshops, we try to help them with that. This way we try to give new athletes the best place to train.

We are moving forward on becoming an official association and getting to cooperate with 2 others organizations. Then we will be an official sport organization in Poland. It takes a lot of time, because we also organize a lot of events. Also we have created a judging list about freestyle and power. I think it’s important to get the sports ministry involved aswell.

Why calisthenics

You cannot start with weighted sports right away. Whatever you do, whether it’s basketball, football or whatever. You always have to start working out with your own body, so that means you have to start with calisthenics first. It’s important to get to know your body first and learn about your body, before moving forward.

Calisthenics as an olympic sport

Yes for sure. About 6 years ago people saw calisthenics as ‘jumping on a bar like a monkey’ or something. But right now they get to understand the sport a lot more. It’s not just about passion, but it’s a real sport. Calisthenics build character. And because of that, it’s also great for your daily life. Besides that, this sport really has a wow factor, which is great for the Olympics.

2nd Harlem Street WorkoutOpole, Poland2014
Harlem Street Workout ChallengeOpole, Poland2014
Street Workout LeagueŁódź, Poland2015
National Championship Warsaw, Poland2016
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