What does Calisthenics provide you with?

Calisthenics to me is a great way to work out and have fun alone or with others

What is your specialty / style?

I specialise in pull ups, muscle ups, front lever (currently able to do a straddle)

How often do you train, with what – and how?

I train 3 to 4 times a week, mostly outside in one of the parks. I like to vary my training between reps and sets and skill trainings.

How do you prepare for a competition battle?

I prepare by testing my max rep of an exercise for a strict form battle and training hard in the weeks prior. 3 to 4 days prior to the competition I take full rest.

How far do you go for the sports and where’s the boundary?

For me the focus is on having fun. I like to push myself to see how far I can go, but I think that you should always be enjoying it.

Who is your example athlete? Why?

Tom Merrick, the guy is flexible and crazy strong.

International Calisthenics Cup RoyalBarzzUtrecht, Netherlands2019
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