What does Calisthenics provide you with?

Calisthenics to me means everything. When I started calisthenics I was pretty insecure about myself, but after a few months of training I started talking to more and more people and now I have so much more confidence about my self. Besides that I love working out and I love challenging myself and doing new skills. I don’t see any negatives in this sport, everywhere I have been (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, Ireland, Social Media, etc.) they are all so kind people! So literally calisthenics means the world to me and I can’t imagine a life without it.

What is your specialty / style?

my specialties are freestyle calisthenics. Freestyle calisthenics is just a part of calisthenics. Freestyle calisthenics is a combination of doing statics and dynamics together in one combo. I love doing freestyle, because you can decide everything what you want to do. There are no limits and you can do what you love, also when I compete in competitions I just do what I want to do.

How often do you train, with what – and how?

I train around 5 days a week, it depends on how my muscles feel and if they don’t feel ready for another workout I just take a day rest. On Tuesday and Friday I am doing the freestyle part of calisthenics at Bodyweight Sports with a group of other athletes. At a freestyle training we train around 2,5 hours, the first 30 minutes is the warm up than we go for a 1 to 1,5 hour dynamic session and at the end we are doing for 30 minutes to an hour static session. Especially I train statics at Monday, Thursday and Sunday. I train statics for around 1,5 to 2 hours on a single day. On a static day I train; Planche, Frontlever, Backlever, Hefesto, One arm handstand, etc. After telling this all you can have a clear image of how my week looks like.

How do you prepare for a competition battle?

I prepare a competition for example; if there is a competition on Saturday, than my last training will be on Wednesday. For the rest my schedule looks the same as I told before. But also a week before the competition I will eat extra healthy so I feel extra good on a competition.

How far do you go for the sports and where’s the boundary?

For me there are no limits in the sport! I have so much goals left and probably when I achieved them I will have new goals.

Who is your example athlete? Why?

2nd Club Championship Bodyweight SportsHeesch, Netherlands2018
2nd International Calisthenics Cup RoyalbarzzUtrecht, Netherlands2019
2nd ICA Calisthenics BattleDublin, Ireland2019
2nd Club Championship Bodyweight SportsHeesch, Netherlands2020
International Calisthenics Cup RoyalBarzzVeldhoven, Netherlands2018
Dutch National ChampionshipHeesch, Netherlands2018
Club Championship Bodyweight SportsHeesch, Netherlands2018
International Calisthenics Cup RoyalBarzzUtrecht, Netherlands2019
Club Championship Bodyweight SportsHeesch, Netherlands2019
NLCB National ChampionshipAmsterdam, Netherlands2019
ICA Calisthenics BattleDublin, Ireland2019
Game of BarzGenk, Belgium2019
Frankfurt City Cup Vol 1.Frankfurt, Germany2019
Club Championship Bodyweight SportsHeesch, Netherlands2020
Frankfurt City Cup vol 2.Frankfurt, Germany2020

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