I am a calisthenics athlete and coach and also the founder of Elysium calisthenics park. It’s the first park ever for calisthenics and street workouts in India and it’s located in Mumbai.

What makes calisthenics such a great sport

Anybody can do it, you don’t need weights or anything else. Also any age and any gender can do it. It’s not only great for physical strength, flexibiltiy and power, but also for your mental happiness and peace.

How accessible is calisthenics

It’s approachable for anyone.

Calisthenics talent in India

Compared to other countries, India is doing good, but we are still a level behind. So there’s definitely room for improvement. Still I think there’s plenty of talent in India. We just need to have the right sort of infrastructure. For example when you go work out in the park, there’s always a lot of audience, that might hold some people back. To improve the talent, we also need the right kind of trainers.

Why calisthenics

It’s quite a different sport. You can do anything with your own bodyweight, like pull ups, squats etc. After that you can get into freestyling and start learning all these kind of cool moves. It really helps in your allround body development. I would recommend this sport to anyone.

Calisthenics as an olympic sport

I would say yes, because it really has the potential to become an olympic sport. It has a lot of aspects like strength, flexibility and endurance. Also it’s amazing to watch and a lot of people would love to see it.

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Arnolds Sports FestivalAustralia2019
Australian Fitness ShowAustralia2019
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