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After graduating from the AALO, I started working in gyms and figured out pretty soon that it wasn’t what I really wanted. There was just too much macho like behaviour. So I started to look for an alternative and then I saw those popular American videos about calisthenics on YouTube. It triggered me. After that we realised a parc in Veldhoven and we organised an event that attracted about 30 great athletes. It was an amazing success and it lead to the beginning of Royal Barzz.

What makes Calisthenics such a beautiful sport

You keep developing yourself endlessly. You feel yourself becoming better, stronger, fitter and more flexible and you can build up from there in a controlled way. Also the sport keeps on developing; new tricss and moves are being discovered all the time.

How accessible is Calisthenics

An example: when a child goes from crawling to walking, it’s already practising calisthenics. All those daily movements, that we execute with our own bodyweight, they are actually simple calisthenics movements. This shows that it’s really acceccisble for everyone.

You want more, like freestyle? That’s something you can start with after you are one with the basics.

Calisthenics Talent in Holland

the Netherlands is doing very well. Look at Melanie Driessen, she’s worldwide champion and a remarkable talent. The Dutch level is still growing and in about 10 years we will definitly participate on top level. I do think there have to be a lot more gyms that are specifically focussed on calisthenics.

Why Calisthenics

When you look at the fitness industry, you notice that it’s mostly about the looks; getting as muscular as possible. Health and being fit are not subservient. I think that’s the big difference with calisthenics. Those people are much more working on getting better and becoming fitter. You also notice it on their attitude. There is no macho like behavior and they help eachoter grow.

Calisthenics like an Olympic sport

No, not right now. Calisthenics is still developing big time. I see the sport really could go to an Olympic level at a fast pace, but it has to mean that all parties work together in this process. For the public it would be very awesome. It’s a very attractive sport to watch. So it would be a nice addition for the Olympics.

Calisthenics Cup Veldhoven, Netherlands2015

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