I’m an ex competition swimmer. I stopped at 16 y/o and started coaching swimming to kids and adolescents (8-20y). I did this until I was 19 y/o. This gives me several years of coaching experience.

I’ve been studying sports and sports sciences since the 5th grade in high school. Now I’m finishing my last year to become an ‘exercise/movement expert’. During this education I also followed 2 calisthenics courses at ‘Het COI’ in the Netherlands. This means I finished 2 courses, calisthenics trainer A and B.

Besides my training expertise I am the co-chairman of Barbenders Belgium. An association that is working on making this beautiful sport more known and recognized in our country. (You can follow us on instagram @barbendersbelgium.)

My specialties are basics and statics. I like freestyle and I’d love to gain experience within the freestyling aspect.

My main goal is creating a federation in Belgium and helping people throughout this sport.

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