Hi my name is nathan labi gyan from west London England my family origin is from Ghana, Africa and Saint Lucia, Caribbean.

I’ve been training calisthenics since 2014 while I was at university studying, after graduating in music i ran track n field for south London for 3 years but I decided to focus more on my calisthenics training and take it more seriously, as I continuously kept developing from the basics till reaching to competitive skill level.

Im a certificated gym instructor and I trained clients on a regular basis I have also created (ebook) training programs for clients, and I am running a online personal training program under the name “PEAF” Purple equilibrium Advance fitness.

I have travelled around the world training calisthenics to widen my knowledge of the sport and believe it’s a life long journey to mastery, I can shamelessly admit I’m obsessed with calisthenics training and the non stop development of colossal body movements.


Q1. favourite static move

Answer: Planche

Q2. Favourite dynamic move

Answer: Dislocated (Eagle claw)  Double 360

Q.3 Best country you’ve visited to train calisthenics

Answer: Los Angeles

Q.4 Favourite calisthenics athlete

Answer: some guy from London called wolf flybynature

Q.5 how long do you train for

Answer: minimum 2 hours a session

Q.6 how many days do you train for

Answer: 5 – 6 days

Q.7 Best time of year to train calisthenics

Answer: Summer

Q.8 Worst calisthenics injury

Answer: Ripped half of the top layer of skin on my hands took forever to heal

Q.9 Name 3 of your favourite training songs

Answer: 1.Meek mill – Lean with it 2. Travis Scott – Sicko mode 3. Ghetts – who’s got a problem

Q.10 favourite platform to post content

Answer: YouTube

Q.11 what do you prefer to record content on your phone camera or traditional camera

Answer: phone with gimbal

Q.12. Statics on the Parallettes or the floor

Answer: parallettes

Q.13 what’s your secret for calisthenics development



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