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 So I am into calisthenics for about 6 -7 years now and I do mostly weighted calisthenics and streetlifting. I am especially into the one rep max thing and I’m completely specialized as a coach in this area. So we are having athletes all over the world and many different coaches in that area.

What makes calisthenics such a great sport

What I like especially about the sport, when it comes to the weighted calisthenics, you have to be very lean and still look good, but also be really strong. So that’s something I really like; people get a better feeling for their bodies, because its always a fullbody exercise and they get to learn how to use their body in the right way. Also it’s still isolated, but not too isolated. I just like to be able to use my body but also being able to use weights.

How accessible is the sport

We are not for beginners, we are for those who are already really into the sport and really want to compete and want to be more prepared for competitions. So we’re really there for the more advanced athletes.

Calisthenics talent in Austria

I think we do have some very talented athletes here, especially in the weighted area. The athletes that I know are very, very strong. I think the talent is definitely here, but if you look at it all over the world, some countries are just much stronger, like Ukraine for example.

We have enough possibilities to develop talent, because we have a lot of gyms, like almost everywhere. We could get more parks though. The level could really go up by keep doing what we’re doing right now, but also advertise a lot more. We have to be very loud on social media for example.

Why calisthenics

 We are mostly into weighted calisthenics and I think we’re the best on the market.

Calisthenics as an Olympic sport

I don’t think so, it’s not the time right now, we’re not professional enough, the knowledge on the streets is very poor. I think to have a professional level it would take like about 5 years more or so. Right now there’s no proven way to get to a top level. Some people are pretty good, but I don’t think these athletes are really the ones who can show everyone how to get there if you know what I mean.




3rd - National ChampionshipDessau-Roßlau, Germany2019
National ChampionshipKleinau, Germany2019
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