My name is Oustin Hafid Arteaga Arabe. I’m from Spain. My parent is from Bolivia. I grew up in Carabanchel, Madrid.

When I was 16 years old I had a lot problems. Problems at school, at home, at street. I was living in the best hood, but at the same time was the worst, because we had a lot gangs, lot sealer drug, you have to know how to get the money but in a good way.

I started to do freestyle when I saw my friend Alvaro fly on top of the bar. 1 year later I decided to come to London

London it’s my favourite city, in this city I became as a chef and better athlete. I’m completely thankful with JotaJota, Goku, Franklin, small, Lion, White Lion, all the UK communities thanks to everyone.Now I decided to be one of the best athlete in the world, but Goku teaches me, I have to work harder than everyone



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