In 2016, at the age of 47 I got familiar with Calisthenics when I watched the television program Ninja Warrior. It was fascinating to see what a human body is capable of.

Before Calisthenics I was going to the gym, doing some fitness. I did not experience much progression though. So, Calisthenics became my main sport, beside running.

In 2017 I signed up for the Calisthenics Trainer A course at the Calisthenics Opleidings Instituut (COI) in Amsterdam. Most of the students were much younger, between 20 and 30, so I was the elderly in class. Anyway, I passed the course and got my Trainer A certificate. Age is just a number.

One of my goals is to get a Calisthenics park in my neighborhood. The Municipality of Stichtse Vecht has already reserved the money for the project. We hope to implement the park at the end of 2020. Then I would like to train other people there.

Now, since I have passed the age of 50, another goal is to show that age should not stop anyone from gaining strength, flexibility, condition or speed.

Bars4fun Calisthenics – no bars, no fun



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