What does Calisthenics provide you with?

A lifestyle that suits me and meeting a lot of new friends.

What is you specialty/style?

Reps & Sets, endurance and strength.

How do you prepare for a competition/battle?

By doing my own program of exercise that might show up on the competition.

How far do you go for the sport and where’s the boundary?

I would do my best to get new people into the sport.

Who is your example athlete? Why?

I don’t have anyone in particular, there is a lot of good athletes out there.

2nd - FitnessfestivalenGothenburg, Sweden2013
2nd - FitnessfestivalenGothenburg, Sweden2014
1st - Muscle Ups FreemovrHalmstad, Sweden2015
1st - Muscle Ups FreemovrHalmstad, Sweden2016
FitnessfestivalenGothenburg, Sweden2013
Miami Pull Up JamMiami, United States2013
FestivalenGothenburg, Sweden2014
FreemovrHalmstad, Sweden2015
FitnessfestivalenStockholm, Sweden2015
FreemovrHalmstad, Sweden2016
FitnessfestivalenStockholm, Sweden2016
FitnessfestivalenStockholm, Sweden2017
FitnessfestivalenStockholm, Sweden2018
FitnessfestivalenStockholm, Sweden2018
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