Rico Mesa


Originally I am from Colombia and I am practising calisthenics for about 5 years now. Before that I played soccer at a high level and I was always very athletic. For instance I did skateboarding, kitesurfing, climbing etc. When I first noticed Calisthenics in Colombia, I thought it would be cool to do that aswell, but I just wasn’t able to do it. I wanted to be able to do it, so I started practising. Right now I have done multiple educations and kept on developing. I wanted to teach people that didn’t have any clue what they had to do. One of the most important thing I want to tell people about, is to become aware of your body and that all begins with your breathing.

What makes Calisthenics such a beautiful sport

I usually train outside, for instance in my backyard I have a gym, but there are enough possibilities to workout in the neighborhood.

It stimulates your frontal cortex, something you couldn’t do before, you can do now. In fact you are making the impossible possible. When it comes to fitness, quickly you will hit a wall, in fact with all kind of sports actually. With Calisthenics you will train your stamina, flexibility, anything really.

Calisthenics talent in Holland

In the Netherlands we have some great talents, I mean really great. For instance if you compare the age category from 13 untill 17 to England or Germany, we score fairly higher. And we’re only doing it for about a year, so can you imagine in about 4 years? I just think there aren’t enough possibilities for talent development.

We do have enough talent, but it still has to be stimulated a lot more. There really have to get more gyms, I think we now only have about 2 that are really focussed on Calisthenics and with 1 of them I think a lot of people go there because Melanie works out there.

Why Calisthenics

Because every sport that you are practising, next to Calisthenics, will immensely improve. That’s because you workout with your own bodyweight. For instance with running, athletics, iceskating, boxing, soccer, actually just any sport.

Calisthenics Like an Olympic Sport

No, not right now. But it definitely will come. De judging system isn’t nearly good enough and a lot has to change before this can happen.

It is coming though, we are now at about 60 % I think and we definitely need a lot more money to get this sport at a more professional level. So as far as I’m concerned, not right now, but definitely somewhere in the future.

3rd - Bar BattlesEindhoven, Netherlands2016
1st - International Calisthenics Cup RoyalBarzzVeldhoven, Netherlands2016
2nd - Push Ups No Joke for KingParis, France2016
1st - HumanitariaParis, France2018
1st - 1vs1 City Battle RoyalBarzzHeesch, Netherlands2019
1st - 1vs1 The Call-Out CompetitionNew York, United States2020
City Battle RoyalBarzzWeert, Netherlands2016
Bar Battles Eindhoven, Netherlands2016
International Calisthenics Cup RoyalbarzVeldhoven, Netherlands2016
National ChampionshipAmsterdam, Netherlands2016
StreetWorkout Battle TourParis, France2016
No Joke for King Paris, France2016
Battle of the BarzAmsterdam, Netherlands2016
National ChampionshipHeesch, Netherlands2017
Battle of the BarzRotterdam, Netherlands2017
World Cup StageCoventry, United Kingdom2017
Body Power ShowLondon, United Kingdom2017
BarWarzBremen, Germany2017
Battle of the BarsAmsterdam, Netherlands2017
City Battle RoyalBarzzEindhoven, Netherlands2017
World Cup StageItaly2017
National ChampionshipHeesch, Netherlands2018
World Cup StageItaly2018
Arnold ClassicAustralia2018
AISW MumbaiMumbai, India2018
HumanitariaParis, France2018
Bar GladiatorsGenk, Belgium2018
HumanitariaParis, France2019
StreetWorkout Cup FlandersGhent, Belgium2019
City Battle RoyalbarzzHeesch, Netherlands2019
International Calisthenics Cup RoyalBarzzUtrecht, Netherlands2019
The Call-Out CompetitionNew York, United States2020
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