Samuel a.k.a Sotoxine                                                           


So I m world champion several times, one of the top 10 athletes in the world.

i m doing coaching online for all the lvls, I love to guide the beginners how to start this amazing discipline and also love to help athletes improve more his performances sharing me experience like a professional athlete and coach.

I stand out from a casual athlete thanks to my versatility as a complete athlete.

my specialties are balance and strength but also dynamics and the creation of new elements.

What makes calisthenics such a great sport

For me it’s more than a sport, it’s a big culture, it’s my passion, my job and my lifestyle. Thanks to this big culture I can travel and meet friends and atletes all around Europe.

There is a lot of demand, which is very good for my business. Sharing this knowledge with all these people is really a privilege.

How accessible is the sport

When you look at fitness for example, a lot of people are getting injured, because they miss the basics of working out with their own bodyweight. That’s why calisthenics is so important right now to generate more education and discipline in the schools. Not only the big countries, but also the smaller onces. It’s really important to help them to build a big community.

Calisthenics talent in Spain

Right now I am also working a little bit in other areas, because I was very disappointed by the federation in my area.  But little by little I see the Spanish federation actualizing the system, so I started connecting with them again. I’m also planning to do some kind of association with the government and I have plans to make a business plan.

To develop more talent, I have the support to bring it here, because no one is doing that right now. We need to actualize it and speak with government etc.

Why calisthenics

 Because it’s such a great culture and it doesn’t cause injuries like other sports might do.

Calisthenics as an Olympic sport

Yes for sure, calisthenics is like Olympic gyms but it’s more special, like the magic you have in the street workouts, you can not even find that in Olympic gyms. There’s so much creativity in it, that you will find in some of the athletes, you are never going to find that in gymnastics. Now is the time to share our knowledge and get the sport more known.

1st - team battles - World Cup StageBahrain2015
2nd - team battles - World Cup StageBahrain2016
1st - FIBO Bar HeroesCologne, Germany2017
1st - Iron Barz 34Sète, France2017
3rd - Curtis CupParis, France2017
1st - Bar Gladiators GamesGenk, Belgium2017
1st - Iron BarzSète, France2018
1st - Game of BoomTarbes, France2019
World Cup StageBahrain2015
World Cup StageBahrain2016
Pull & Push CompetitionParis, France2017
FIBO Bar HeroesCologne, Germany2017
Iron Barz 34Sète, France2017
Curtis CupParis, France2017
Bar Gladiators GamesGenk, Belgium2017
FIBO Bar HeroesCologne, Germany2018
Iron Barz 34Sète, France2018
Game of BoomTarbes, France2019
FIBO Bar HeroesVienna, Austria2019
Iron Barz 34Montpellier, France2019
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