Primitive Gym


About 3,5 years ago I started with the gym. We mainly focused on training in a functional way. Anyone at every level and any age can workout in the same group. For instance my mom works out with uss, but she just does it at her own level.

We don’t work with reps, but we work with timing. That way anyone can participate in the same group and at their own level.

After about a year I got to know about the COI and I started that education. That’s when I also met a couple of guys, among which was Nathan van Dompspeler

That’s when I really got enthusiastic and at that point I had a little bit of extra money to start making something at about 80 square meters, which was really small ofcourse, but big enough at that moment.

Suddenly it all grew so fast, that I needed a bigger space and that’s how our gym started to excist.

The best thing I love about it, is the fact that is so accessible. Ofcourse not anyone can start with a muscle-up or a pull-up, but with a few adjustments they can start doing it anyway.

You also get accepted into the group easily. After a while you can really do something you have never done before and you keep on creating new goals.

Calisthenics is really for everyone. As a child you’re already playing and without even knowing it, you’re already doing calisthenics. It’s nice to see that young children can practise exercises without any trouble. We take weeks to train for an exercise and they just do it right away. Besides that it’s also suitable for older people. My mom for instance, she can just join us at a slightly milder level ofcourse, but she does it.

I think we have enough talent in the Netherlands, but they also have to want it. Especially the youth for instance, they are starting out highly motivated, but the next thing you know they’re suddenly not interested anymore, which is a pity really.

In general you become fitter and you learn to get to know your own body a lot better. For instance, I’m a lot more aware of how to tighten my muscles for certain exercises. So you’re just a lot more aware of what you’re body can do in this sport and that’s what makes it so great. I definitely think it’s a possibility, because it’s very divergent. At this moment the judging system isn’t what it’s supposed to be and the regulations aren’t nearly good enough. In every battle there are a lot of differences. I have never seen a number 1,2 and 3 in which everyone could fully agree on. The sport isn’t nearly profession

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