I’ve been a trainer for over a decade with experience of working with children from the age of 6 to 16 teaching multiple sport at an afterschool club and summer holiday camps. While training adults within a gym space environment with goals from weight management, injury rehab and calisthenics movements training my clients to achieve their first press up to muscle-ups and freestyle skills.

My fitness journey started off as a gymnast, training for 14 years reaching national level in british gymnastics. Due to personal issues and injuries I decided to retire to become a personal trainer (as stated above), however I suffered with back pain and discovered 3 mildly bulging disc and one collapsed which meant that I have to carry on training which is how I found calisthenics.

The first competition I took part in was the world championships in 2015 Russia where I placed 3rd, in 2016 I became the Queen of the bars in germany among multi titles in this year and in 2017 I won the UFL world cup in new york reps and freestyle as well as the 2nd fastest female in Ninja Warrior UK.

Due to a lingering shoulder injury I made the decision to step away from competing and freestyle to focus more on being a trainer.

Train with me for an unforgettable fitness and calisthenics journey.


WSWCFMoscow, Russia2015
Bar warroirsGermany2016
Queen of the barsGermany2016
4th Burningate championshipRiccione, Italy2016
Calisthenics cup Eindhoven, Netherlands2016
body and barsUnited Kingdom2016
UK bar tournament United Kingdom2016
UFL Pro world cupNew York, United States2017


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