What does Calisthenics provide you with?

Joy and a way to release my stress

What is your specialty / style?

Shrimp flip

How often do you train, with what – and how?

3 times a week i train freestyle at my gym and and the other 4 day i train statics at home.

How do you prepare for a competition battle?

A week before my comp i do 18 hours Fasting every day so i will lose some weight before the comp.

How far do you go for the sports and where’s the boundary?

I go as far as i can

Who is your example athlete? Why?

My teachers because i learned the most from him. Dean and tommy

3rd International Calisthenics Cup RoyalBarzzUtrecht, Netherlands2019
International Calisthenics Cup RoyalBarzzVeldhoven, Netherlands2018
Club Championship Bodyweight SportsHeesch, Netherlands2018
City Battle EindhovenEindhoven, Netherlands2018
National ChampionshipHeesch, Netherlands2018
City Battle EindhovenEindhoven, Netherlands2019
Club Championship Bodyweight Sports Heesch, Netherlands2019
ICA Calisthenics BattleDublin, Ireland2019
International Calisthenics Cup RoyalBarzzUtrecht, Netherlands2019
Club Championship Bodyweight sportsHeesch, Netherlands2020
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