Im professional calisthenics athlete/judge/coach with over 22 years of hard work and expirience,right now i’m aprroved as the world’s strongest and the most complete calisthenics athlete and 2x world champion! I did over 200 workshops around all over the world and judge over 100 world class competitions! My base at the beninning was martial arts „Sambo” i was training that since 4 y.o till 17 y.o at 9 i met with calisthenics and start mixed up both of them and at 17 i moved totally in to calisthenics but the main priority for me was to be the most complete and strongest athlete so i tried to add powerlifting,weightlifting and crossfit to my trainings and it gives much more benefits for calisthenics and right i’m able to do everything on the hight level! Welcome to the my profile! And i’m sure i’ll be able to push your limits for reaching your goals!

1st - World championship Reservoir, Australia2013
1st - Ghetto gamesLatvia2013
Record: World muscle up 25 repsReservoir, Australia2013
1st - Final world cupMoscow, Russia2013
1st - Ghetto gamesLatvia2014
1st - King of the barGermany2015
1st - Battle of the barsMexico2015
Record: The hardest set ever 1Germany2015
1st - King of the barGermany2016
Record: The hardest set ever 2Medellín, Colombia2016
1st - Bar warsGermany2016
1st - National championshipChile2016
Record: The hardest set ever 3Balaclava, Australia2017
Record: World weighted muscle up 50kg Ukraine2019
World championship Reservoir, Australia2013
Final world cupMoscow, Russia2013
Master of sport samboUkraine2013
Ghetto gamesLatvia2013
World championshipMoscow, Russia2014
Ghetto gamesLatvia2014
Final world cupOslo, Norway2014
King of the barGermany2015
Battle of the barsMexico2015
King of the barGermany2016
Bar warsGermany2016
National championshipChile2016

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