About me and my achievements.

I am calisthenics athlete, judge and coach with almost 9 years experience. I am mostly reknowed with my top achivements in the static skills and calisthenics competitions. I’ve won more than 20 first places in Bulgaria and 3 national champion titles. I am the vise champion of SWWC 2017 in Moscow and the champion of Burningate 2017 in Italy. Since 2017 I have made many workshops in Europe and Asia and participated as a judge at the most remarkable competitions.

My passion

The essence of life is to give the world something valuable. I found that opportunity in the sport. For me it’s not just a hobby, it’s way of life. My main goal is to inspire people and help them build safer and faster progress. Seeing everyday how calisthenics is growing and more people start practising it truly makes me happy.

The Calisthenics Club

Thanks to TCC i have the possibility to share my knowledge to a whole new range of audience. Here i will show how i train on a dailty basis and I will provide information about different calisthenics skills. You will also have opportinuty for personal contact with me during my Q&A seasions.




3rd placeMoscow, Russia2016
2nd place2017
1st placeItaly2017
Bulgarian Calisthenics competitionsBulgaria2014-2017
Bulgarian National Championshops Plovdiv, Bulgaria2015
Street Workout Freestyle WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Moscow, Russia2015
Bulgarian National Championshops Radomir, Bulgaria2016
Street Workout Freestyle WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Moscow, Russia2016
Bulgarian National Championshops Sofia, Bulgaria2017
Street Workout Freestyle WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Moscow, Russia2017
International Burningate CupItaly2017


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