I’ve been doing street workouts for the last 5 years and I’m actually the oldest guy in Portugal doing it. Soon I will be 40 years old soon and I’m still competing. I have been Judging in different countries on and off Europa and I competed in about 10 other countries aswell. Actually I’m more outside Portugal than I am inside. I’m basically trying to spread the word all over Portugal about calisthenics.

What makes calisthenics such a great sport

For me it has changed my life. I used to have back pains and I couldn’t even carry my children. Then I started working out and everythings changed a lot. I strengthened my core and I was just getting stronger and stronger. One day someone invited me to compete and since that moment I really fell in love with the sport.

Calisthenics talent in Portugal

We do have some strong kids which I think are not that far behind compared to other countries. The only problem is, they have less experience with battling and competing. That’s mainly because we only have 2 competitions a year in Portugal. And one of them is my own event.

I struggle a lot to get the talent up in Portugal, with building communities for example. I used to have 20 kids that were working out with me, but suddenly they lost motivation and they’re not so dedicated anymore. So to get the level up, we have to organize more events. Everytime I organized an event, I  got a lot of positive feedbacks from kids. If there wouldn’t be any events, the kids don’t know about the sports and they don’t get motivated.

Calisthenics as an olympic sport

Why not. It really depends on us and what we do, but yeah why not?






2nd Freestyle Nacional Championship Olhão, Portugal2016
National ChampionshipCoimbra, Portugal2015
Battle of the BarsMadrid, Spain2015
National ChampionshipOlhão, Portugal2016
Freestyle World ChampionshipMoscow, Russia2016
Defis des GladiateursGenk, Belgium2016
City Battle RoyalBarzzEindhoven, Netherlands2016
Battles of GodsSeville, Spain2016
World Power & Strength ChampionshipRiga, Latvia2017
Artcorps Cup Strasbourg, France2017
International Calisthenics Cup RoyalBarzzVeldhoven, Netherlands2017
NL ContestStrasbourg, France2018
VR Streetworkout CupQuarteira, Portugal2018
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