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We Are Calisthenics

Our Vision

Calisthenics Is For Everyone

TCC is an independent international Calisthenics organization whose mission is to improve health and exercise through education, research, sports safety, and professional, elite coaching.

Our vision is that Calisthenics becomes an official sport worldwide, a daily training method in your life, and see health and exercise improve at every age.

We aim to achieve this creating a healthier, more active society where everyone can participate in sports without limits from any place in the world.

Smiling kids doing basic calisthenics exercises

Social Inclusion For The Youth

In The Netherlands, we work together with municipalities, non-profit governmental sports and wellbeing institutions, neighborhood coaches, and schools to provide Calisthenics training to the youth in their local areas.

We work to create more social inclusion for the youth through the sport Calisthenics. We do this by expanding these collaborations globally by partnerships with other organizations through the Erasmus+ programs from the EU commission.

Calisthenics Games

Creating a Competitive Environment

Calisthenics Games offer athletes from beginner to pro levels a way to test their skills against their peers. Online qualifiers throughout the year will culminate in a spectacular, annual live event.

Developing The Sport

The Future Of Calisthenics

Calisthenics, a safe, healthy and easy sport for everyone.

As one of the largest Calisthenics organizations in the world it’s our duty to keep stimulating a sports climate that invites everyone to exercise or compete worldwide. The Calisthenics Club supports the Street Workout communities and works together with its affiliated member organizations, to promote health and exercise through Calisthenics globally.

We work together with the European Union Erasmus+ program and with municipalities, and local sports and wellbeing institutions to get their citizens active and moving by supplying enough coaches and expertise so that there is a Calisthenics sports offer everywhere in the world.

The Calisthenics Club team in the Brussels head office

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