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GORILLAGRIP: Top brand from the Netherlands.

Funtional Equipment for training and workouts.

Dutch Manufacture

Because quality is important to you, we make everything in-house in the Netherlands. This way we are on top of the production process and it meets the highest quality requirements. The production meets the ‘offshore standard’. This means that it is produced in the same way as for the offshore industry. And therefore a guarantee for robust, high-quality installations with a long service life. GorillaGrip stands for honest and reliable. Typical Dutch. So that you can exercise safely and to the maximum.

Customization and Flexibility

Customization for you, that’s what we specialize in. But we also supply standard models, which can be modified in a modular way. Not every customer has the need for customization and often a standard set-up will also suffice. These are price-wise interesting for you. But if adjustments have to be made in terms of size, expansion or a special way of fastening: we will adapt it to your situation. That is the advantage and flexibility of a Dutch brand.

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