Fitter, Stronger, Connected - Welcome to the TCC COMMUNITY

At TCC Sports and Health Centre, you will not only build your physical health but also your mental health. Make social contacts, boost your self-confidence and create strong bonds within our community. We believe in growing together, performing together and celebrating together! Welcome to the TCC Community, see you soon!

Group Classes

Get motivated by your fellow athletes during energetic classes as you work on your fitness and strength together


Learn the art of calisthenics and build strength, flexibility and impressive skills with your own body weight

Independent training

Train at your own pace and your convenience. make use of our complete gym, calisthenics and freestyle setup

A fitness and health centre made for you

At TCC Gym, we see fitness as more than just a workout. It is an opportunity to not only strengthen yourself physically but also mentally. Our various group classes, from strength training to calisthenics and HIIT cardio, offer not just a great workout, but also a chance to become mentally stronger. By training together, supporting each other and celebrating successes, you not only build a fit body, but also resilience and self-confidence. And our special classes for children and young people not only help their physical development but also build self-confidence and social skills. So, whether you're looking for a physical challenge or a mental boost, you'll find everything you need at TCC Gym. Check out our class schedule and book your free trial class today!

Build a stronger and fitter body and mind together. Improve your strength, stamina, self-confidence and, above all, have fun during our energy-packed classes.

Our Unique and Varied Group Workouts

Our diverse, energetic workouts are for all ages and fitness levels. At TCC Gym, you will find a stimulating environment to train together and outdo yourself


Build strength, flexibility and endurance during our dynamic Strength Workouts. Train with your own body weight and learn to handle weights under the guidance of our Elite Coaches


Speed up your heart rate and burn calories with our Cardio Workouts. A challenging mix of cardio workouts that improve your fitness and help burn fat for the perfect summer body

Calisthenics Youth

Let your kids discover the world of calisthenics with our playful and educational Calisthenics Kids classes. Build strength, coordination and self-confidence while having fun and developing social skills


Develop impressive skills such as the handstand, muscle-up and human flag. Whatever your fitness level, there are always cool calisthenics skills to work on. Our Elite Coaches will help you unlock your first skill

Welcome To The Club

Join the club for exclusive workout and diet tips, pre-sales and info on upcoming events.