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Discover the art of bodyweight with Calisthenics

Calisthenics is the basis of fitness. You learn to control your body and move better. Our calisthenics classes are the starting point for everyone regardless of age and fitness level

From pullup to muscleup

Step into the world of calisthenics and discover the power of your own body weight. Our calisthenics workouts are designed to improve your strength, flexibility and body control as you develop impressive skills such as pull-ups, handstands and even muscle-ups. Learn the basics or perfect your technique under the guidance of our Elite Coaches and start your calisthenics journey with us today!

The power of calisthenics is its scalability to any level, so don't be put off by the intimidating skills you see, calisthenics is for everyone! Calisthenics is the foundation of fitness!

The power of Ancient Greece

Calisthenics, derived from the Greek word "kallos" meaning beauty and "sthenos" meaning strength, has its roots in ancient Greece, where it was practised as an indispensable part of Greek culture. Athletes and warriors trained with bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups and squats to develop their physical strength, flexibility and endurance, and to prepare for sporting events and military conflicts.

Today, calisthenics has become a popular fitness movement, with a large and diverse community of practitioners around the world. It has adapted to modern fitness practices and is often combined with other sports such as gymnastics, football and martial arts. At The Calisthenics Club, we think the rich tradition and philosophy of calisthenics is super important and we strive to create an inspiring environment where people of all ages and levels can enjoy the many benefits this unique sport has to offer.

A discipline for all

Today, calisthenics is practised worldwide by young and old alike and several disciplines exist, each with its own unique focus and benefits. Freestyle calisthenics is spectacular and offers athletes artistic freedom while Srength Endurance challenges athletes to build both strength and endurance by performing repeated bodyweight exercises. Streetlifting combines the functional movements of calisthenics with lifting external weights, allowing athletes to develop ultimate body strength. Regardless of your interest, calisthenics is a suitable training method for everyone!

Calisthenics freestyle handstand
Calisthenics Streetlifting Athlete

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