Who we are and why we do it - The Calisthenics Club

Who we are

TCC (The Calisthenics Club) is an independent international calisthenics organisation dedicated to improving and promoting both physical and mental health. We want to create a healthier, more active society through inclusiveness, accessibility, expert guidance and safety in sports. Together with the European Union, municipalities and sports organisations, we have been working for years at international and local levels to make this happen. By providing free workshops, training in neighbourhoods and teaching in schools. We also organise competitions, and events and train people to become professional calisthenics trainers.

The TCC Sports and Health Centre plays an important role in this by providing accessible, inclusive fitness and wellness facilities. A place where people of all backgrounds, ages and levels can develop themselves physically and mentally in a safe, supportive environment under professional supervision.

International Recognition

TCC is globally recognised for its contribution to the development and promotion of sport and health


We have an inclusive community where people can come together and inspire each other regardless of age, fitness level, background, gender or sexuality


Our certified elite coaches offer professional guidance and are the professional standard in the sport of calisthenics

Our take on calisthenics

For us, calisthenics is not just a sport; it is a lifestyle that contributes to both physical and mental health. We believe in the power of this sport and we want to share it with everyone! 

Our vision is simple: we want Calisthenics to be recognised worldwide as an official sport. But we want more than that. We believe calisthenics has a powerful impact on society and individual lives. Not only does it offer an effective way to train, but it also contributes to self-confidence, perseverance and a positive mindset.

How we do it

By offering free classes in schools and running Erasmus+ projects, we promote social inclusion among young people and encourage them to get active and boost their self-confidence. We also provide free workshops and training sessions in neighbourhoods at newly built calisthenics parks in cooperation with municipalities.

We also have our own calisthenics training institute: the COI, where we train passionate individuals to become professional coaches. These trainers play a key role in inspiring and guiding others in their physical and mental development.

We also organise competitions and offer training for referees, not only promoting the sport itself but also creating new opportunities for involvement and growth within our community for future athletes. 

With whom we do this

To create maximum impact, we have been working closely with the European Union, local authorities and sports and welfare organisations for years. In recent years, we have made great strides in promoting sport with projects such as Sport@Street, EUCE and the European Calisthenics Fair in Amsterdam Rai. 

Together with these municipalities, we are creating more opportunities to exercise in the neighbourhood by building calisthenics parks and activation programmes to get residents active. These include two outdoor parks in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel and in Zeist. 

Welcome To The Club

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